"We're a band. We make up our own songs that you've never heard before, unless you've seen us perform." Milo

Friday, December 1, 2023

Rockaroni & Cheese rocks the radio!

Rockaroni and Cheese will be getting some radio play this weekend on our favorite radio show: Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child ! The song they will be playing is We Are Family. This song features all 5 of us (Adam, Krisdee, Milo, Eliot, and Emmet) on one track. Emmet's performance is extra special because, though he sings in some of the choruses as the 11 year old he is today, most of his audio was recorded when he was only a year old. (Thanks to Michael Schatz for recording it and keeping it safe for us all these years.) It also features the amazing Vi "The Fiddler" Wickam. (Fans may remember him playing the villain in our movie found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygjz5w4u96M )

In chronological order (though all times are local so it may look out of order) it's my understanding we will be heard on
KIYU Western Koyukon Region, Alaska https://kiyu.com/ on Sat. @ 10 am local
Crater Community Radio, Flagstaff, AZ https://craterradio.com/ on Sat. at 8 am local
103.3 VFR, Northampton, MA https://valleyfreeradio.org/ on Sat. at 7 am local
93.9 The River, Northampton, MA/ 101.5 The River, Brattleboro, VT https://wrsi.com/ on Sat. at 8 am local
106.1 The Corner, Charlottesville, VA https://1061thecorner.com/ on Sun. at 7 am local
WFNU Frogtown Community Radio, St. Paul, MN https://wfnu.org/ on Sun. at 8 am local
98.9 KUTX The Austin Music Experience https://kutx.org/ on Sun. at 6 pm local
Of course you can always stream episodes of this amazing show here: https://sparetherock.com/wordpress/category/playlist/ or download it from wherever you listen to podcasts. We highly recommend you do. Still, there's something really special about hearing a song you love on the actual radio. 🙂 Especially if it's a love song sung by your entire family. ❤