"We're a band. We make up our own songs that you've never heard before, unless you've seen us perform." Milo

Saturday, August 7, 2021

So we bought Eliot a LEGO set for his 8th birthday but I told him not to open it until we could film him building it. You know, make it an unboxing and post it to our then successful YouTube channel. Well I didn't win dad of the year for that year or the years since 'cause he turned 12 last April and we only finally made the video! lol Oh well... we haven't seen little Batman and Robin with Baby Alfred in some time. (I mean they're not really little anymore.) We also get to see David Young's Commissioner Gordon again as well as all of our pets, including the new kittens. So, parental failings aside, hopefully you'll think it was worth the wait! We're all pretty pleased with it. :) See it for yourself here: